Thursday, 1 March 2007

bang up to date...

So here it is, Thursday morning and i'm sitting here at the computer drinking coffee - i'm really getting lazy (i blame the tablets for making me this way) or maybe it's just the way of things when you have nothing better to be doing, i would go down to seaburn and take my camera with me but it's raining and windy. This is coming upto 7 months now that i have been out of work - through my own over motivation to move on in my career and try something different i end up getting dumped in the shit yet again by a stupid little company going no place and basically bare faced lying to me about their situation.

Admittedly, with the thyroid thing i would have been on the sick anyway so that takes up 2 months, but saying that and making it 5 months is not exactly making it seem any better to me. I get to points where i get sick of this existance, sick of tv, sick of the internet, sick of the city i live in, sick of this country in fact most things including family and people in general have always been an annoyance to me they are so ignorant, rude, stupid, they daudle around the streets like they have no idea where they are going, i mean i never in a hurry but jees pick up the pace a little people - so i try to find different things to take my mind off it all and music is and always has been my savior it's the one thing i love, well saying that not much of this modern crap that's about, but i like what i like.

The internet, in all its grace, has also been a place to go endulge in and discover both people, friends and new stuff. Take this blog for instance - never before had i got the urge to go online and create a blog yet here we are, three attempts later perhaps but here we are at my blog v4 :D And to be able to search for and apply for jobs online is great, and although the job search is something which i MUST get on with searching everyday is getting pretty boring and unsatisfactory as there will maybe be somehing every 3 days i can apply for but, and that is a big but, you never know - talking of which the mail just came, an application pack for a job in edinburgh oh how i LOVE application forms.

But yeah, the net has been a great source of removing myself from reality to a point, i have found some great online friends - or they found me - who one day i hope i'll meet, then also with the walking and photography thing i keep myself going and friends and family alike really like my photography - especially one guy in New York, hey Archie how you doing? :D

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