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startpage - schmartpage.

schmedley is so much more than that. The Web 2.0 world is overrun with “startpages” that are filled with handy little items called widgets. Most of these widgets have limited functionality and don’t offer much more than an alternative door into content that is already easy to get elsewhere - like RSS news and blog feeds, etc.

rich internet applications

This is what schmedley is all about - we have embraced the web as a platform - to deploy a suite of web services applications that handle the most common, daily tasks of a broad range of internet users. Broken down by category, each application (schmedley “channel”) is represented by an icon in the schmedley toolbar at the top of every page. Each channel offers data that is diverse and sometimes hard to get at, and organizes it into one clean, easy-to-use interface. In many cases schmedley becomes a content provider, dedicated to offering an innovative way to carry out different web searches and perform specific tasks while gathering data from various sources. Even greater functionality is achieved by giving users the ability to store and manipulate personalized data relevant to each task at hand.

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