Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Partners in crime, Dave and I, went down to to Tynemouth or a look around the Mouth Of The Tyne Festival for some photo opportunities - and boy did we find.

I personally took over 450 shots, needless to say most were binnable, but with the set I came out with at the end it was well worth the effort. Of course the entertainment was great too.

Street Performances

Sheep Shearing 2

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Musical Performances

Festival Street Performers

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

I didn't really know what was going on with the street performers - but they provided some good photo opportunities. I was into the music though and bought Orkestra Del Sol's CD (which is unlike me at festivals :D), but Chicago Stompers and Jimi & Sam were also great. Unfortunately I wasn't around long enough to take in the other two jazz bands but maybe I'll see them some other time.


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