Monday, 20 July 2009

Documenting An Eventful Saturdays Togging

Saturday (the 18th of July) just gone was one busy and fun day, strengthening contacts and making a load of new ones. Initially it was the day of Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photo Walk - second annual that is - which I was taking part in by joining the Newcastle Upon Tyne contingent of the event along with Dave my usual tog buddy.

We, being people that want to fit as much as we can into a days photography, decided also to get in some more shots and become more known amongst the North East Cosplayers who were doing gay pride in their own way (see below).

Gay Pride Cosplay Style

These guys are hilarious and we were able to spot Wally from "Where's Wally" outside the station.

Where's Wally Newcastle

We followed as they marched on their well trodden path around the anime shops with their gay pride banner.

Cosplayers March The Streets

The Photo Walk

Leaving the cosplayers to do their stuff, we headed to the quayside for the meet passing some buskers who were pretty good and took a snap - they posed too while playing :D

Buskers On The Quayside

Hard to think of different ways to take photos of a subject like the quayside that you have done times before, I ventured for the abstract mostly...

An Alternative View From Milennium Bridge

...which seems to work as "different" plus a bonus on the Millennium Bridge opening up to let a boat through.

Milennium Bridge Opened Up

I didn't take much else of worthiness from that point, sky was awful spoiling shots and to be honest I'd done the quayside before but happy with the few I did get. The group ventured onto the Gateshead side and the Sage which I hadn't been in before, so another bonus.

Gateshead Sage

Secret Installation?

Gateshead Sage Take 2

Then tried something really abstract in the Baltic Art Gallery entrance (and yes I know, it's not straight because I took it at an angle on purpose).

Baltic Entrance Abstract

And we came to the end of the Photo Walk event and people went their ways. A great day and great to see new faces and meet new photographers - and not just from this area as a couple had come down from Glasgow.

...But Our Photo Walk Continued...

I had some experimentation with a sinister looking underpass shot (and yes that's Dave, he's the sinister bit :D)...


Dark And Dank

...investigated a graveyard...

Graveyard Gate

...found an alien on a wall...

Wall Alien

...and finally a space invader to finish the day.

Space Invader From.......Newcastle

Can't wait for the next one, let's hope this one is as successful as last years or more and gets into the record books.

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Monday, 13 July 2009

Orkestra Del Sol

Orkestra Del Sol are a group I saw at the Mouth Of The Tyne Festival, they have a varied mix of influences from Russia and the Middle East to South America putting together with brass to create a unique performance. One of the best, if not the, of this type of musical performance I have seen and thoroughly enjoyed.

I am however slightly annoyed with myself, as with such great opportunity for photos I still haven't grasped the use of my manual focus lens and lost some potentially great shots due to what should be the main focus of the photo being out of focus. But one struggles on and to be fair to myself I did get some some really good shots considering I was shooting between heads and shoulders.

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Partners in crime, Dave and I, went down to to Tynemouth or a look around the Mouth Of The Tyne Festival for some photo opportunities - and boy did we find.

I personally took over 450 shots, needless to say most were binnable, but with the set I came out with at the end it was well worth the effort. Of course the entertainment was great too.

Street Performances

Sheep Shearing 2

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Musical Performances

Festival Street Performers

Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

Orkestra Del Sol - Mouth Of The Tyne Festival

I didn't really know what was going on with the street performers - but they provided some good photo opportunities. I was into the music though and bought Orkestra Del Sol's CD (which is unlike me at festivals :D), but Chicago Stompers and Jimi & Sam were also great. Unfortunately I wasn't around long enough to take in the other two jazz bands but maybe I'll see them some other time.


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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A Saturday Spent With Cosplayers

Cosplay - short for "costume roleplay", participants dress up in outfits that portray a specific character usually from various Japanese manga, anime, comic books and fantasy movies.

As just by chance, a week ago, the last of a cosplayers meet were in Newcastle station. A great spectacle and opportunity for photographs they were more than happy jumping into poses naturally for some shots.

NorthEast Cosplay - Group Shot 3

They also also invited us to along with them on their meet this weekend gone in Newcastle, with opportunity for more cosplayers and opportunity for a greater set of photographs. We, me and my friend Dave over at Deliciously Dave, gladly obliged the opportunity to get them some event photographs for their sites and thoroughly enjoyed the day as a welcome experience shananigans a plenty worthy of documenting.

The group on the day

North East Cosplayers Group Shot v2

Some of my favourite shots from the day

NE Cosplayers Newcastle Meet

Resting Cosplayers

"Top Of The World Ma!"

Wrong Turn For Glastenbury?

Tender Moment In The Park

End Of The Day Group Shot

An interesting part of culture to be around, a fun group of folks who meet to enjoy the company of like minded people. Not all that different from us togs to be honest, meet up for company, a laugh, food and share an interest.

The people we met up with have various sites themselves, listed below, so if you are interested check them out.

North East Cosplayers specific links

North East Cosplayers - Deviant Art
North East Cosplayers - Myspace

Related links

Anime League

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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Newcastle Upon Tyne

I love Newcastle for many things, and photography is one of them. No matter how many times I go with the camera, thinking that I've taken everything possible, I always end up finding new angles and things I hadn't thought of - I'm guessing it's all down to who you shoot with, go lone shooting and your ideas are limited but in a small group or with a buddy ideas bounce around.

Some Newcastle shots to date, no doubt there will be more attempts :)

Street Life

Street Life

Tyne And Sage

Sage In Sunlight Glow

Crossing Lines - Millennium Bridge

Crossing Lines

Grainger Market

Grainger Market

Swing Bridge

Swing Bridge

Looking Down River

Looking Down River

Old Rope

The Tyne


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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Marsden Rock And Bay, South Tyneside - Part 2

Marsden Bay photos continued.

Marsden Grotto

Marsden Grotto BW

Marsden Bay

Sun Ripples

Marsden Bay

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