Friday, 20 February 2009

I just made my Thunderbird experience better.....and more useful

I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird for some time and found it quite sufficient in what it does never needing to or wanting to take it beyond it's construct.

Recently I started to use a calendar application but discovered Lightning, a Thunderbird add-on bringing the features of Mozilla Sunbird calendar application into the same application as your email.

A couple of other add-on discoveries in ThunderBrowse and the Sender Verification Anti-Phishing Extension installed and behold the new found usefulness, well at least all the usefulness I need for now.

And for one last thing I added some aesthetics in the Azerty 'mail 3.0 theme, and I'm now quite a bit more happy with new look Thunderbird application.

Ho hum, carry on. :)

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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tools For Making Things Easy, Basic Maintenance & Those More Technical Things On osx

Here's something someone mentioned to me, really useful tools and utilities for your mac - the kind of things that keep your machine ship shape, easy to use and dig you out of a hole when everything goes pear shaped - or indeed preventing things from going pear shaped.

The Basic "Must-Have"

Quicksilver - Total ease of use, it's not just an app launcher check out the documention.

Growl - System wide notification, hardware and applications integration.

MainMenu - System maintenance application that sits in your notification area in finder. One click batch task performance or just do what you need to do.

Something Useful

MuCommander - Old style file manager application like Norton Commander with a wealth of features.

System Monitoring

Geektool - Display system logs, Unix commands output, images from your hard drive as well as from the internet.

Basleline - Baseline disk analyser.

Disk Inventory X - Disk usage monitoring tool.

Something More Technical

IceClean - Unix based system maintenance toolset to help keep your mac running smoothly.

Carbon Copy Cloner - Clone syncronise and backup your drives.

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Internet Findings: IT Pros and IT Certification Resources

With the likely event these will prove useful to other folks out there like myself, I'd like to share some findings from searching around the internet on IT Certification.

Technical Information

TechNet - Direct from Microsoft archives.

Windows Security - Security articles and forums on Windows Security.

Windows Networking - Networking articles and technical information relating to Windows.

MCP Magazine - Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine, articles by IT Professionals.

Redmond Magazine - An It Professional lead magazine.

Training Information and Certification Resources

Global Knowledge - Certification and training information.

ProProfs - IT Certification preparation resources.

CramSession - Study guides and certification exams.

PrepLogic - Practice certification exams.

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