Friday, 30 November 2007

Raquel Aparicio Portfolio

Really gorgeous work here by Raquel

Raquel Aparicio's Portfolio

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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Retro Sci-Fi

over at is a great article on retro visions of space.

pretty awesome how we imagined space, and such great depictions.

head over and take a look - Retro-Future: To The Stars!

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Iman Maleki Paintings

Iman Maleki

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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Recommended OSX Freeware List (Continued)

CD/DVD burning

LiquidCD - LiquidCD is a freeware for burning CDs and DVDs built for Mac OS X. But LiquidCD is more than a burning software and has useful built-in features.

SimplyBurns - simple and straightforward burning.

addition to Communication

Psi - Psi is a free instant messaging application designed for the Jabber IM network (including Google Talk).

additional Network Tools

CoconutWiFi - WiFi network detection.

OSXvnc - Freeware VNC server.

Chicken Of The VNC - VNC Client.

Text Editors

Textwrangler - General purpose, powerful text editor.

Screen Capture

InstantShot - Sits in your menu bar adding extra screen capture features than the inbuilt ones.

SnapnDrag - Screen capture made easy.

additional Miscellaneous Utilities

UnRarX - Simple RAR extraction utility.

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Firefox Extensions That Should Be Part Of Firefox

Firefox is great, the best browser I've used standalone say for maybe opera, the possibilities with extensions has made firefox a necessity for me. The following extensions add so much functionality that they would hopefully be included one day in the browser itself, significant enough to want yet small changes and additions that when added you may wonder how you did without them.

All-In-One Gestures

I admit I don't use this, but to some it's a great feature add on making browsing simpler to those who can grasp this concept unlike myself :) it's worth trying out.

All-In-One Sidebar

This is a fantastic add-on that would simply make life easier in firefox.

Download Manager Tweak

Adds more functionality to the download manager window, also allows you to open it in the sidebar.

Download Status Bar

A feature from Opera so you can see the progress of your download imediately without having to find the download window.


Well, this just simply tweaks and speeds up Firefox - a must.

Fire FTP

Builds into Firefox a great FTP application/Add-on.

Foxmarks Synchroniser

Synchronise your bookmarks between your computers, a very handy feature if you are taking your laptop away.

Options Menu

Adds a menu item in the tools menu that allows quick access to the preferences and options of your installed extensions and add-ons.

PDF Download

Gives you options on how to view pdfs or download them directly.

Restart Firefox

Adds "Restart Firefox" to the file menu.

Session Manager

Manage your browsing sessions with ease, and get crash recovery to automatically restore your pages on reopening firefox after a crash.

Xippee Firefox Extension

Help with your search results - add or remove words to your search criteria.


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Friday, 23 November 2007

Recommended OSX Freeware List

App Launcher/Keyboard Interface

Quicksilver - An extensive tools that integrates into your system, from it's simplest level of an application launcher, using the keyboard interface Quicksilver can be so much more.

Back-Up Utilities

SuperDuper - Back up and clone your drives with this great tool

iBackup - A simple backup and restore utility, supports scheduled backups of files, folders and applications.


Firefox - A top browser, now going into version 3 which is reportedly faster and a better performer all round - my personal browser of choice.

Opera - A most worthy browser that is to a lot of peoples liking, and have to admit i like most of it's features too.


Adium - The best multi account instant messenger including jabber and gtalk amongst the regulars along with many more.


Cyberduck - The best and easiest in use of ftp clients for osx.


AppDelete - Saves you going around deleting everything manually.

IceClean - A powerful general maintenance application bringing you the power of UNIX - akin to the likes of TechTool, a worthy addition to your arsenal it WILL come in handy.

MainMenu - Handy menu bar maintenance app to save you the time and effort.

MS Office Alternative

NeoOffice and OpenOffice - Essentially the same suite, this is your chance to say goodbye to MS Office and save yourself the money and hassle - NeoOffice is a little better at the moment as OpenOffice is just becoming OSX native.

Network Tools

Bwanadik - I only recently discovered this one, menubar app creating a shortcut to most of your network preferences, most notably displays your connections and external/local IP addresses.

iStumbler - Wireless discovery app, find those wi-fi hotspots, bluetooth devices and bonjour services.


JetPhoto Studio - This is one awesome app, photo library, image correction, flickr uploader and photo web gallery creater all in one - option to upgrade to Pro version.

RSS Readers

Vienna - RSS reader with some nice features, including growl integration, menubar icon, tabbed viewing of articles/subscriptions along with a few others.

Miscellaneous Utilities

Calq - On demand calculator, activate with keypress do your calculation and then it hides until needed again.

Desktop Manager - If you have machines that are not compatible with Leopard and you want virtual desktops, then look no further, the site says it is alpha quality but it works perfectly well and I use it on 10.4.11 - still going strong here :)

Growl - System notifications preference pane add on, plugs into an array of applications and system areas letting you know what is happening - including firefox, quicksilver, adium, mainmenu and vienna.

MagiCal - Handy menubar calendar and clock app.

Password Gorilla - Registrations and logins manager.

PTHPasteboard - Useful Utility that keeps a record of your pasteboard handy.

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